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June 18, 2011

As of June 18th, 2011, all Grumpy WoW Guy  posts will be on Tumblr.







Starting to See…

June 18, 2011

Starting to see Druid tanks again.

You can tell that summer is here.   The AH is barren.  Lots of guilds are feverishly recruiting raiders.  I notice that there’s really no RP going on.  This is the quiet before the storm.  Soon, as soon as schools get out, we’re going to have our barrage of 12 year olds in trade chat. /shudder.

They better stay the hell off of my lawn.

I feel about Cataclysm the way a lot felt about Burning Crusade.   Overall, I’m not a fan.  I want my old Azeroth back.   I  wouldn’t even mind giving up Azeroth Flying to get it back.  I’m tired of seeing the beautiful zones Blizz created torn into pieces.  I’m sick of seeing Goblin pollution all over the place.  Now, the place looks like someone’s house after a wild party.  I miss a lot of the really good quests.  Oh, well, everything comes to an end.

Grr. Eh, whatever.

June 2, 2011

Running a five man on my hunter. Ninja pally tank Needs a BoE agility trinket and leaves group. Fokker.

This was a great thread on  Check it out!


October 16, 2010

Ok, I’m bored as hell.  4.0.1 has changed everything, but it’s not not doing anything for me at the moment.   The game’s completely out of balance now: OP casters and QQ Melee.  No one knows how to play their class now, so running anything is a mess.

This would be a good time to level up an alt.  But, if I were to seriously level a new alt, or create a new toon in general, I would like it to be a Goblin or a Worgen.  Obviously, that’s not going to happen until Dec when Cata drops, and then I’ll be leveling my main to 85.

Also, right now, Gems and Glyphs are at a high, so, I’m not going to go re-glyph and re-gem every one of my 80’s.   meh.

So, I’m not playing much.  That’s not a bad thing.

Nice little benefit

September 23, 2010

I started leveling my Mage again. One nice thing: this is the first time that I have a toon whose hearthstone is NOT set to Dalaran.

Ugh… Gnomes.

September 9, 2010

Ugh, gnomes. Ugh.

Nasty, stinky, little annoying gnomes.

The Gnomeregan event makes me dislike them even more.

Ya, Mon!

September 8, 2010

So, now my shammy is an Orc. For the Horde, and all that crap.

I’m quite glad to have done that, since I now have a horde 80 with which I was able to do the whole Troll / Echo Isles event (toons under 78 can not do the final battle) which was pretty epic, and I am quite fascinated with troll lore.